Septic Tank Range

amhurst tanks septic tank

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One-piece design prevents water ingress

Proudly Australian made

10 year manufacturers warranty

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All new, ultra-strong low profile septic tanks come with a host of features that are ideal for your home or rural property. The septic tanks have been designed to the stringent AS/NZS 1456.1 certification. The septic tanks are all Australian made with delivery to large parts of South Australia, NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

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Septic Tank Range

Features of Polymaster Septic Tanks

  • Pre-assembled fittings and baffle
  • 10 minute hookup time
  • Transport to site on a standard ute with drop sides
  • Only small installation machinery required
  • Extremely tough and durable design
  • Backed by 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • 500kg load-rated manhole cover with tamper-proof bolts
Amhurst tanks septic tank

Septic Tank Specifications

Range Height Width Length No. of persons Manhole
3100Ltr 1665mm 1640mm 2450mm 1-5 people Dia 555mm
4550Ltr 1665mm 1640mm 3520mm 6-10 people Dia 555mm