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Bushmans Poly Tanks

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Amhurst Tanks and Poly Products offer a wide range of round poly rainwater tanks. The tanks come in a range of sizes, styles and colourbond colours. Where you have the option to capture large amounts of water these tanks are ideal and with sizes ranging from 1000L to 50,000L we have you covered. The tanks come in a range of styles from banded design to corrugated to smooth wall, the tanks will fit in harmoniously with your garden or farm.


We stock round poly tanks from Bushmans, Polymaster and Kilkee, the tanks come with standard fixtures and fittings along with extended warranty and free delivery on most tanks, call us to find out more. With a wide range of tanks on offer you can decide which option works best for your suburban home or rural property.

Bushmans Round Poly Tank Range

Features of Bushmans Tanks

  • Suntough tanks – built stronger
  • UV Stabilised for long life
  • Backed by 10 year warranty
  • One piece construction
  • Easy to install
  • Large range of sizes from 1000L to 46,400L
  • Bushmans have been manufacturing tanks since 1989
  • Offered in a range of colours
Bushmans Poly Tanks
Range Height Diameter Inlet Height Overflow Outlet
1500L Round 1620mm 1190mm 1620mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
2550L Round 1680mm 1570mm 1510mm 12.00/3.00/6.00/9.00 Optional
3200L Round 1960mm 1570mm 1820mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
4000L Squat 1460mm 2120mm 1300mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
5000L Round 2250mm 1850mm 2050mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
10000L Squat 1700mm 3080mm 1490mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
10000L Round 2310mm 2590mm 2160mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
15000L Round 2440mm 3050mm 2200mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
22500L Squat 2560mm 3780mm 2200mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
30000L Round 2870mm 3920mm 2680mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
46400L Round 3160mm 4600mm 2950mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional

Polymaster Round Poly Tank Range

Features of Polymaster Tanks

  • 20 year warranty
  • Offered in corrugated and smooth wall on selected tanks
  • Delivery to a large range of South Australia and Victoria
  • One piece construction
  • Easy to install
  • Huge range of sizes from 200L to 50,000L – you can be sure you will find the right size for your project
  • Extra thick walls for maximum strength
  • Offered in a range of colours
  • Call or email to find out about the range of sizes for smooth wall tanks
Polymaster Round Tank
Range Height Diameter Inlet Height Overflow Outlet
200L Round 900mm 600mm 900mm 12.00 6.00
600L Round 950mm 1000mm 950mm 12.00 6.00
1000L Round 1500mm 1000mm 1500mm 12.00 6.00
1600L Round 1610mm 1250mm 1500mm 11.00/4.00 6.00
2270L Tall Round 2000mm 1300mm 1920mm 11.00/5.00 6.00
2270L Squat 1310mm 1700mm 1200mm 11.00/4.00 6.00
3300L Round 2100mm 1520mm 2000mm 11.00/4.00 6.00
4500L Tall Round 2200mm 1700mm 2100mm 11.00/4.00 6.00
4500L Squat 1580mm 2150mm 1380mm 11.00/3.00/7.00 6.00
5000L Round 2170mm 1950mm 1960mm 11.00/3.00/7.00 6.00
7100 Round 2300mm 2150mm 2120mm 11.00/3.00/7.00 6.00
9000L Round 2260mm 2500mm 2050mm 11.30/2.30/5.30/8.30 6.00
13,600L Round 2450mm 3100mm 2100mm 11.00/2.00/5.00/8.00 4.00
22,500L Round 2800mm 3560mm 2470mm 11.30/2.30/5.30/8.30 4.00
31,700L Round 3040mm 4100mm 2610mm 11.30/2.30/5.30/8.30 4.00
50000L Round 3440mm 4600mm 3290mm 2.00/4.00/6.00/8.00/10.00/12.00 4.00

Kilkee Round Poly Tank Range


  • Tanks come with a 20 year warranty
  • Corrugated design
  • Tanks are built strong to withstand the harsh South Australian climate
  • Fittings include ball valve, leaf strainer and 90mm overflow
  • Free delivery to a large range of South Australia
  • Tanks come in a large range of sizes up to 24000L
  • Tanks come in a large range of colours
  • Proudly South Australian
Amhurst Tanks and Poly Products Rainwater tanks Adelaide
Range Height Diameter Inlet Height Overflow Outlet
3300 Round 2060mm 1490mm 2060mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
5000L Round 2400mm 1820mm 2050mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
9000L Round 2400mm 2370mm 2200mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
11500L Round 2550mm 2600mm 2250mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
22500L Round 2900mm 3560mm 2380mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
24000L Round 2900mm 3600mm 2500mm 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional

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