Portable Diesel Ute Packs

maxiplas round tanks

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Diesel Cartage

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Amhurst Tanks and Poly Products offer a wide range of Portable Diesel Ute Packs.

Our Portable Diesel Ute Packs are built for rugged Australian conditions and are ideal for use on the farm or for commercial applications where diesel needs to be quickly dispatched and pumped. Available in a number of sizes, these are perfect to suit both tray and tub style utes.

A versatile and robust ute pack designed and manufactured in Australia to safely store and dispense your diesel.

These tanks are strong, heavy duty and manufactured to withstand the treatment in the back of the ute.

A strong, reliable Italian designed pump will deliver the diesel every time, with an auto-trigger nozzle to ensure you don’t overfill.

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Diesel Essential Ute Packs


  • 50LPM Piusi Diesel Pump
  • Lockable lid – protects all components
  • UV protected
  • Earth strap
  • Auto trigger nozzle
  • 4mtr Diesel-grade hose
  • Isolation switch
  • Battery connection clamps – alligator clips
  • Vented Fill Cap
  • 5-year warranty

Optional Extras

  • Fuel gauge
  • In-line wire strainer
Maxiplas Round Tanks






Pump Flow


Hose Length


Auto Trigger




DMP100E 100 770 x 540 x 500 DF50PUMP 50 4 Yes DM100MF
DMP200E 200 1000 x 750 x 605 DF50PUMP 50 4 Yes DM200MF
DMP400E 400 1620 x 750 x 665 DF50PUMP 50 4 Yes DM400MF
DMP600E 600 1720 x 890 x 755 DF50PUMP 50 4 Yes DM600MF
DMP800E 800 1720 x 890 x 755 DF50PUMP 50 4 Yes DM800MF

Cube Ute pack

DMPQ400E 400 900 x 1200 x 685 DP50PUMP 50 4 Yes