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Bushmans Tanks have been manufacturing rainwater tanks since 1989, offering a wide range of water solutions. Backed by extended manufacturers warranty their innovative designs ensure that Bushmans Rainwater Tanks will have pride of place in any Australian home or property. Click to download Bushmans brochure and installation guide.  

Bushmans Round Tanks

Features of Bushmans Round Tanks

  • A large range of sizes to maximise capacity
  • Made specifically for the harsh Australian climate
  • Sun tough tanks, built stronger
  • Customisable overflows and outlets
  • Free delivery options available
  • Backed by 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Selected fittings included as standard
Maxiplas Round Tanks

Round Tank Specifications

Range Height Diameter Inlet Height Overflow Outlet
1500L Round 1.62m 1.19m 1.62m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
2550L Round 1.68m 1.57m 1.51m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
3200L Round 1.96m 1.57m 1.82m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
4000L Squat 1.46m 2.12m 1.30m 12.00/3.00/6.00/9.00 Optional
5000L Round 2.25m 1.85m 2.05m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
10000L Squat 1.70m 3.08m 1.49m


10000L Round 2.31m 2.59m 2.16m 12:00/3:00/6:00/9:00 Optional
15000L Round 2.44m 3.05m 2.20m 12:00/1:30/3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30/9:00/10:30 Optional
22500L Squat 2.56m 3.78m 2.20m 1.30/3.00/4.30/6.00/7.30/9.00/10.30 Optional
30000L Round 2.87m 3.92m 2.68m 1:30/3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30/9:00/10:30 Optional
46400L Round 3.16m 4.60m 2.95m 12:00/1:30/3:00/4:30/6:00/7:30/9:00/10:30



Rainwater  Calculator

Roof area (M^2):
Average rainfall area:
Rainfall capture per annum: Litres
These are indicative and only to be used as a guide.

Slimline and Modular Tanks

Features of Modular and Slimline Tanks

  • Perfect for urban homes that have limited space
  • UV Stabilised for long life
  • Sunsmart technology
  • One piece construction
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for use in garden
  • Attractive design suits any home or garden
  • Large range of sizes to choose from
maxicube tanks
Range Height Width Length Inlet Height Overflow Outlet
1000L Slimline 2.03m 0.61m 1.26m 2.03m Left/Right Left/Right
1000L Slimline 1.62m 0.62m 1.48m 1.62m Left/Right Left/Right
2000L Slimline 2.15m 0.71m 2.29m 2.15m Left/Right Left/Right
3000L Slimline 2.14m 0.80m 2.48m 2.14m Left/Right Left/Right
5000L Slimline 2.10m 1.06m 3.34m 2.10m Left/Right Left/Right
1000L Round 2.08 0.81 0.81 2.08m Left/Right Left/Right

Tank Colour Selection

Bushman offer 13 colours plus a range of optional colours for the Poly Tanks. Sunsmart technology is only available in Bushman standard colours

Colour range

1. Smooth Cream
2. Merino
3. Beige
4. Wheat
5. Heritage Red
6. Black
7. Monument
8. Birch Grey
9. Slate Grey
10. Mist Green
11. Rivergum
12. Heritage Green
13. Stormedge Blue