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Amhurst Tanks and Poly Products offer a wide range of Aqualine Steel Lined Tanks. The galvanised tanks have the strength of steel, the corrosion protection of a galvanised product and the real water holding capability of a sturdy polyethylene tank liner. The Aqualine range comes in sizes from 20,000L all the way up to 360,000L and everything in between – see below for a list of the whole range.

Aqualine only use the best raw materials in the manufacture of their tanks and their expert installers ensure that the completed tank is fully assembled and ready to go.

Approced to the AS/NZS4020 standard for potable water the liner and tank are suitable for storing drinking water.

The tanks come complete with a galvanised access ladder, Geotextile liner, lockable access manhole, inlet strainer, 100mm Gal overflow, 50mm outlet and ball valve.

COLORBOND colours are available so you can match existing shed or fences.

Aqualine Steel Liner Tank Range

Features of Aqualine Tanks

  • A large range of sizes to maximise capacity
  • Made specifically for the harsh Australian climate
  • Superior strength
  • 0.95mm thick Galvanised walls, Aqualine’s unique wall corrugation design for strength and support
  • 2 panel wall design for less seams
  • 50 x 50mm roof trusses which are one piece hot dipped galvanised providing long term rust protection
  • Heavy duty full circumference top support ring
  • Walls are bolted together with double rows of hi-tensile bolts providing excellent strength
  • 1 x100mm overflow outlet
  • 1 X 50mm outlet and ball valve
  • Leaf strainer and light guard to cover the inlet (OR 50MM INLET)
  • Geo textile between the tank base and liner for extra protection
  • Vermin protection between the wall and roof
  • External removable ladder is standard
  • Lockable access hatch
Maxiplas Round Tanks


Code Litres Gallons Pad diameter Tank Diameter Tank Height 
ASL20 20,000 4,390 5.46 3.46 2.22
ASL30 30,000 6,590 6.32 4.32 2.22
ASL45 45,000 9,890 7.18 5.18 2.22
ASL60 60,000 13,190 8.04 6.04 2.22
ASL80 80,000 17,590 8.90 6.90 2.22
ASL100 100,000 21,990 9.76 7.70 2.22
ASL125 125,000 27,490 10.62 8.62 2.22
ASL150 150,000 32,990 11.48 9.48 2.22
ASL180 180,000 39,590 12.34 10.34 2.22
ASL210 210,000 46,190 13.20 11.20 2.22
ASL245 245,000 53,890 13.20 11.20 2.22
ASL280 280,000 61,590 14.92 12.92 2.22
ASL320 320,000 70,390 15.78 13.78 2.22
ASL360 360,000 79,180 16.64 14.64 2.22

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